Goldcrest Chemicals have the most comprehensive ra...



Goldcrest Chemicals have the most comprehensive ra...


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Goldcrest Chemicals have the most comprehensive range of flocculants available for solid liquid separation processes in all industry sectors. We've been supplying flocculants for water treatment and wastewater treatment for 30 years.

Our experienced Technical Sales team is ready to assist you with all aspects of water & waste-water treatment systems and technologies to minimise disposal costs whilst improving performance of your effluent treatment plant/water recycling system.

List of key flocculants and the markets they serve:

Golkem® anionic, cationic and non-ionic polyacrylamides for treatment of Potable water. Available in granular powder form.

Golkem® starch products for potable water clarification. Available in powder and flake form.

Polygold® anionic, cationic and non-ionic products for treatment of Municipal and Industrial waste streams. Available in powder,  slow release block, emulsion, dispersion and liquid form.

Golkem® & Polygold® products are successfully marketed into the following industry segments; Mining operations and extractive industries, chemical & pharmaceutical, food & beverage, textile & leather, oil & gas drilling, aggregate recycling, potable water & municipal sewage treatment.

View a pdf of where our flocculants are applied in industry [72kb PDF]

If you have any questions on flocculants or you need advice or a data sheet, please Ask Goldcrest.